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Website translation and localization services

Why should you choose our translation agency? Websites and e-shops are designed to make indirect and direct sales. Research shows that the vast majority of consumers tend to only make a purchase when the information is provided in their native language, and the wording is accurate and easy to understand. We offer not only translation of texts, but also localization, which will ensure the functionality of your website and allow the user to use it as a high-quality original rather than just as a translation.

Most frequent translations

Website translation

Website translation enables you to expand your user audience and present your company’s activities, services and products internationally. Accuracy is of paramount importance to us when translating website texts, and we also pay great attention to ensuring that the texts maintain their persuasive style and retain their appeal to the target audience.

Translation of e-shop texts

The translation of e-shop texts is very important: the more languages that are available, the more markets can be conquered. The translation provides important information, and in performing this task we also take care of the fluency and representational function of the text. We know that great translation is followed by great sales, so we always strive for the success of our clients.

Translation of terms & conditions

Translation of the purchase terms and conditions is essential for e-shops that sell their products in the markets of different countries. Purchase terms and conditions are like a contract between a buyer and a seller, as they define the basic rules, terms and conditions to protect both parties in the case of any disputes or misunderstandings. As a result, the terms of purchase must be translated by highly experienced translators, who convey the original information clearly and smoothly in the translated text.

The language combinations we translate from/into

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Website translations are becoming increasingly popular in the translation industry. A website is the business card of every company, especially in cases when the company conducts its business in the international marketplace, offering goods and services abroad. In such cases, it is important to ensure that valuable text is published on the website in the mother tongue. It is also important that it is translated qualitatively into the required foreign languages.

CAT tools

ApSIC Xbench
QA Distiller
Transit NXT
Adobe InDesign
Addobe illustrator

Website translation: a challenging and responsible assignment

Translating website content is quite a challenging assignment. First of all, the translation is complicated by the fact that the text is not presented in one file, but needs to be “collected” on the website.

Second, it is important to confirm in advance with the translator what information needs to be translated. We often find that websites provide less information in a foreign language than in their mother tongue, which is usually due to the fact that the information provided is location-specific.

Third, it’s important to remember that translating a website requires a lot more text to translate than it seems at first glance. After all, you need to translate the full text of the menu, the error messages, the text on the buttons, the name of the site, the links, etc.

Fourth, the translation of the website requires a close collaboration with word processors and information technology professionals. Sometimes the translated text is checked by several editors to ensure the text is completely free of errors. In addition, before submitting the text to the translator, it will be submitted to the language editor, who will check for errors in the original language, and ensure that the translations meet the highest quality standards.

Finally, the translator must always take into account the culture of the target country and the characteristics of the target audience when translating the text.

Website translations: peculiarities

The most popular languages for translating websites are English and Chinese. European languages are also quite popular; translations into Scandinavian languages have recently become popular. However, sometimes websites are translated into rare and complex languages. Of course, no matter what language the website needs to be translated into, professionals in this field are ready to perform a non-standard task carefully.

The cost of translating websites depends on the amount of work required. It is always advisable to contact the translation agency for a quote – the specialists working here will check the prices and answer any questions you may have.

Clients often ask: why would I contact a professional translator if machine translation is available? Actually, the machine translation will never match the quality of an experienced translator’s work and will not even remotely resemble the work that a person can do. In addition, the website is like the face of the company, and the content draws potential customers and partners to decide on the possibility of cooperation. Therefore, high-quality professional translations of websites always improve the company’s image and prove to be an excellent investment.

How much does it cost to translate texts for websites and e-shops?

The translation of texts for the Internet is a specific area in which duplication of texts is often encountered. To ensure a fair and competitive price for our clients, we use special tools to eliminate duplicate text and thus reduce the cost of translation. Websites and e-shops vary greatly in the amount of information, and not all information is clearly visible to the user, therefore, we evaluate each project individually – this enables us to offer the best price. Would you like a quote for your website translation? Please make an inquiry with the exported text of your website so that we can evaluate your needs, and we will send you an offer with a preliminary quote shortly.

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