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Professional translation services

Translation is one of our main services. We translate all documents from/into 120 languages of the world: personal documents and specialized texts. Specialized translations in certain fields are one of the most demanding and probably the most complex, but at the same time the most interesting fields of our work, therefore, we take pride in offering the highest quality translation services. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, so you can contact us even after business hours.

To ensure the highest translation quality, we provide translations from/into 120 languages. We specialize in law, economics, scientific literature, automotive, insurance, finance, tourism, advertising, IT technology, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and more.

Explore our language translation specialities

Are you looking for a quality and reliable translation? Contact our translation agency for help!

With an extensive international network of language specialists and translators, we offer high-quality translations from/into more than 120 languages worldwide.

We plan the implementation of each project carefully. We form a team of translators with the most experience in a specific field to ensure the highest translation quality and short project implementation deadlines. 

We consider each project complete only when the customer is 110% satisfied with the result, therefore, you can trust the quality of our work.

Why us?


The team consists of more than 300 translation and language professionals from all around the world. We evaluate each project individually, plan in detail and form a team of dedicated specialists. The quality of translations is reinforced by the use of innovative technologies.


The principle of 24/7 operation and a wide network of specialists enables us to respond quickly to inquiries and maintain strong communication between specialists and the customer.


You can communicate with our translation agency by e-mail or on a dedicated customer platform. Make inquiries conveniently and receive a quote in minutes, manage invoices and orders.

What languages do we translate?

Here you can find out if we’re able to offer the translations you need

CAT tools

ApSIC Xbench
QA Distiller
Transit NXT
Adobe InDesign
Addobe illustrator

Discover the uniqueness of our translation agency

"Vertimų karaliai" is an innovative international translation agency offering all translation services from a single source. Learn more about our methods and added value.

Translation Projects Management System (TMS)

Depending on the customer’s needs and the specifics of the project, TMS can automate the translation process at various stages. Our TMS tool allows customers to track the translation progress, control and engage in the process for the best results.

Our specialists

Our team consists of a constantly expanding network of more than 300 highly qualified translators and language specialists. As a result, we can assign dedicated specialists to each project according to the needs and specifics, and we can guarantee competitive prices.

The principle of working 24/7

By working without interruptions, we can offer the most efficient services on the market. We implement many projects within 24 hours while maintaining the highest quality of service. We work quickly and accurately, and we are available to help whenever our customers need it.

120 languages

We offer translations into more than 120 languages; therefore, our translation agency is the right choice when you want to expand your opportunities in the international market. Our network of specialists covers the whole world; therefore, we offer our customers a wide range of professional translation services.

Translation: specialized translations of texts

Our translators will translate high-quality written texts from/into 60 languages in the fields of law, economics, scientific literature, the automotive industry, insurance, finance, advertising, IT technology, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and other fields.

Translation: how do we work?

We execute each order, whether it is a simple, short business document or a manual of a few hundred pages, as a separate project, following our working principles:

There are always two people working with the text you submit – a translator and an editor. We want to ensure high-quality translation so we work according to the following principle: translators and editors-proofreaders are selected for each translation assignment based on their education, experience and specialization. Our team consists of many translators so we can assign the most suitable specialists for each translation order and thus ensure the highest translation quality. We follow European quality standards by assigning most translations to native speakers. This ensures that the translated text corresponds to the linguistic environment of the country to which the translation is addressed.

Translations (translations of texts) maintaining the format. The documents, submitted for translations, are often presented in a special format and customers prefer to receive translations in the same format as the original text. In cases where the format is editable, there are no problems. However, it is not uncommon for orders to contain a non-editable text so the customer wants a translation in the same format and layout as the original. In this case, we use the help of professional IT specialists who know their works very well and who provide the best solution that meets your expectations.

How much do translation services cost?

We have an extensive global network of translation specialists and use innovative technologies; therefore, we can offer our customers competitive prices. We are proud to offer high quality translation services at one of the lowest prices on the market. Translation of one word costs from 0.048 EUR.

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