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Clear and accurate medical translation services

Why should you choose our translation agency? We understand that medical translations are important to the health and lives of everybody, and we are proud of the high quality of our translations. Our specialized translations are clear and accurate, meeting the high standards of the medical industry.

Medical translations in our office are performed only by specialized medical translators who have a high level of language skills and medical knowledge.


Medical translations – in what cases you might need them? It is often necessary for customers to translate the results of clinical trials, tests on medicinal products and other pharmaceutical documentation required for the registration of medicinal products in the territory of the country concerned. The operating instructions of medical equipment are also often translated. Medical texts often need to be translated so they can be used during consultations in foreign health care institutions – in these cases, the translator must translate the results of the patient’s examinations, medical history, expert conclusions, etc.  In addition, translators of medical texts translate medical articles, publications and other specialized literature.

Medical translations: fields for translation

  • Medical documentation
  • Extracts
  • Medical history
  • Epicrisis
  • Results of laboratory and instrumental tests
  • Protocols of surgical interventions
  • Documentation related to clinical trials of medicinal products
  • Contracts for the conduct of a clinical trial
  • Protocols of conducted research
  • Researcher brochures
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Descriptions of medicinal products
  • Information leaflets
  • Information for doctors and patients
  • Documentation related to quality control
  • Documentation related to medical equipment
  • Operating instructions
  • Manuals
  • Descriptions
  • Promotional texts
  • Catalogues
  • Presentations
  • Websites for medical, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, medical equipment
  • Popular medical literature
  • Scientific medical literature
  • Scientific articles
  • Conference materials
  • Overviews
  • Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Monographs
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Knowledge bases
  • Text books

Medical translations: other particularities

Translations of medical texts are classified as translations of extremely narrow specialization. Only translators with a medical background and many years of experience are able to convey the essence of the text as accurately as possible while maintaining the required strict professional style. In general, many translators of medical texts are practising physicians with additional foreign language education.

Translators of medical texts do a difficult job because they must be familiar with the medical terminology used in both the source language and the target language. In addition, translators must be familiar with Latin phrases and with the abbreviations used in medical science, and must be able to translate these terms. In addition, when translating a document such as a scientific article on a relevant medical topic, the translator must be familiar with the topic, as translation becomes impossible if the translator does not understand the material and cannot provide context.

It is important to note that translators of medical texts can translate not only printed text but also handwritten text. For example, individual medical records such as certificates, test results, and extracts from medical record books are often filled in by physicians. Of course, sometimes translators are unable to decipher the words written in the documents, therefore, in such cases they will ask the customer or the doctor who completed the document to clarify some words that are written in the documents.

Medical translations are not only written but also oral. Interpretation is provided both in direct contact with the customer and by means of communication such as telephone, Skype, etc.

The cost of medical translations/interpretations depends on the language, the volume of the text and its complexity. Translations of handwritten texts usually cost more, as translators often need to decipher the script. In the case of interpretations, the price also depends on whether the translator communicates with the customer directly or by other means of communication.

The goal of medical translators is to provide quality service and accuracy to their customers. Once the text is translated by a translator specializing in medicine, the text is reviewed by an editor. For large projects, teams are set up, consisting of several translators and editors working closely together.

As for the pace of the translator’s work, the translator usually translates 8 pages of text in one working day. Every translation company offers its clients urgent translation services, but it is important to remember that medical translations require extremely careful work, therefore, it is not advisable to rush. In addition, urgent translations cost more.

How much do medical translations cost?

We strive to offer our customers a fair and competitive price; therefore, we evaluate each order individually. Please make an inquiry and we will send you a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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