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Scientific Translation Services

Scientific translations include translations of scientific articles, translations of scientific research, translations of dissertations, translations of bachelor’s and master’s thesis, summaries, abstracts, recapitulations, etc. Translations in this area are particularly complex and require not only accuracy and excellent language skills, but also extensive knowledge of the specific scientific field. We understand the importance of scientific translations, so we have a team of qualified scientific translation professionals in our team so we can guarantee the highest standard of translation quality and scientific accuracy.

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Translation of thesis

This category of scientific translation involves the translation of various assessments, research, bachelor’s and master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. These translations require specific knowledge; therefore, we pay close attention to the process to ensure complete accuracy. Give your research more freedom – we will provide professional translation so researchers from around the world will be able to study your work.

Translation of recapitulations

The recapitulation is an essential element of the research paper as it provides the reader with the most important information; therefore, the translation of the recapitulation is very important. We ensure the highest quality and accuracy – excellent translation of the recapitulation is a prerequisite for the interest of the foreign scientific community.

Translation of scientific articles

Translating scientific articles requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding of context, as every definition and accuracy of wording is important here. Our highly experienced translators pay attention to the details; therefore, you will receive the best results when you entrust us with the translation of your scientific articles.

Translation of presentations

Translating presentations will expand the audience who can read the report and benefit from the information. Only a translator with a strong knowledge of the language can perform such a translation: the translated version must be completely clear and precise. You can trust us to translate your presentation – we guarantee the quality and accuracy of every translation.

Other translations

Scientific translation is a complex task that requires the skills of several professionals. Our translation services provided by a team of professionals in their field; therefore, we can provide a wide range of scientific translations while always maintaining the highest quality. Articles, documents, publications – regardless of the field of your work – we will provide the translation into your preferred language, ensuring the highest translation quality.

The language combinations we translate from/into

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Scientific translations: when might they be needed?

It is no secret that most research papers are originally in a foreign language. Mostly English. But even if you are fluent in a particular foreign language, you may not understand the content correctly when reading a research paper. Therefore, there is a strong need to translate scientific work, making it available to a wider international audience.

Students often need translation of research papers. For example, when writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, as well as a dissertation, it is necessary to refer to scientific articles. In order to gain an appropriate understanding of the information in an article, you will need a translation of the article.

There is also a need to translate similar research by foreign researchers in order to make the information accurate and clear.

The need for translations of scientific texts very often arises for those with an interest in a specific field. For example, when a person finds out that he/she has a rare disease, he/she looks for information about it, about treatments, about medications, tests, etc. Most of this information is provided in foreign language scientific articles.

Scientific translations: how is translation quality ensured?

The translator of a scientific text must precisely convey the information written in the original text. Accuracy is one of the key criteria for performing scientific translations, just as it is for legal translations, medical translations and technical translations.

Translations of scientific texts are performed only by a translator who is highly educated in the relevant field of science, i.e., a specialist in that field, and who also has excellent knowledge of the required foreign language. If necessary, the translator consults with colleagues. All texts translated into Lithuanian are edited by a Lithuanian linguist to ensure that the final text is impeccable, not only in terms of content but also in terms of language.

Prices for scientific translations

At "Vertimų karaliai", we are committed to offering exceptional service combined with unrivalled value. We tailor our scientific translation pricing to every one of our clients, and our rates are incredibly competitive. As we work 24/7, our project delivery times are excellent too. Are you interested? Contact us, so we can discuss your project.

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