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Prompt translation services for media and publishing

Why should you choose our translation agency? With our modern translation technologies and our international network of translation professionals, we can provide the highest translation quality in a wide selection of languages. The translation agency “Vertimų karaliai” is a trusted media and publishing partner that provides information in a language that the world can understand.

What makes media and publishing translations so unique?

This sector is engaged in the dissemination of information. It is important for all of us to have clear, reliable and accurate information in a timely manner. The publishing sector relies on extremely tight deadlines as the news must appear in the media as soon as possible.

We rely on our international network of translation specialists to meet these challenges on a 24/7 basis. We offer translations from/into more than 120 languages, guaranteeing prompt turnaround and the highest translation quality.

The cost of translations for media and publishing

Translations in this area have specific requirements and are strictly defined by deadlines. The translations required in the media and publishing cover a wide range of fields and topics, so they vary widely in scope. As a result, we evaluate each project individually, to ensure a competitive price and the best terms and conditions for the provision of translation services on the market. Would you like a quote for our translation services? Please make an inquiry and we will send you an offer with a preliminary price shortly after assessing your needs.

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