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Legalization and certification of translation that you can trust

We understand the importance of official documents and how much they determine. We offer all services from one source to save you time: we will provide agency and translator’s certification, sworn translator’s certification, notarization of the document, legalization and apostilization of the document, and we will provide notarized copies as well.

Why should you choose our translation agency? Save time by arranging all translation and certification services from a single source. We work on 24/7 basis, translate from/into 120 languages and offer competitive prices. Our working principles ensure promptness and high quality, and we will deliver translations with certification directly to your home or office.

What is legalization and certification of documents?

It is important to know that not all documents require legalization or certification. The authority or body to which the document should be served usually explains whether a simple translation is suitable. Our office legalizes documents and provides all kinds of certifications; therefore, we can help in every case.

Different documents require different types of certifications, depending on the institution, the purpose for which the documents are submitted and other circumstances. The relevant institute or bodies can provide all information on documentation requirements so we can arrange exactly what you need. If you are unsure about the certification requirements for translated documents, please contact us for a consultation.

NOTE: Not all documents can be notarized. If the document requires notarization or apostilization, it may be necessary to present the original document. The accurate information on legalization and certification processes will be provided by our translation agency.

The legalization and certification process in our agency is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step I. Translation.

Once we have established the customer’s requirements and receiving the order confirmation, we will prepare a professional and accurate translation, which includes editing. We provide the translation to the customer.

Step II. Legalization and certification.

The translation is prepared for certification according to the requirements, then the legalization or approval procedure of the required form is performed.

Step III. Delivery.

We will deliver the legalized or certified translation (original) to any country at the specified address or invite you to pick it up at our agency. Choose an appropriate official translation at a competitive price!


When the translated text requires official certification, it is important to distinguish between the certification by the translation agency and the certification by a notary. It is useful to discuss each of them.

Not all documents require notarization. For example, if you intend to deliver a translated document to bodies such as the Centre for Registers, the Civil Registry Office, Social Insurance Fund, the courts, it may be sufficient to simply have the less official certification of the translation by the seal of the translation agency. It is not necessary to present the original document to the translation agency for the certification of the translated document – a copy of the document is sufficient. The original or a copy of the document shall be attached to the translation and sealed with the seal of the translation agency. In this way, the translator confirms that the translation was performed correctly and that the translator is acquainted with the translator’s liability for false or known incorrect translation provided for in Article 235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. The translator who translated the text must also sign at the end of the translated text. This is the translator’s confirmation that the translated information corresponds to the content of the original text. Certification of a translated document by a translation agency is an extra charged service. The cost of validation depends on the volume of the translation.

Translations of certain documents, such as births, marriages, divorce, death certificates, diplomas, study transcripts, incorporation documents, identity documents, must be notarized. Therefore, after translating the relevant document, the translator staples it, signs it, then the translation is sealed by the agency before being submitted to a notary for approval. It is important to know that the notary does not certify that the translation was done correctly. His/her functions are as follows:

  • Verification of the translator’s signature.
  • Approval of a copy of an official document (if required). In this case, the translator certifies that the copy of the original document is genuine.

It is important to present proper documents to the notary, as notaries do not have the right to certify unofficial documents, such as those without stamps, signatures, etc. The original or a copy of the document accompanying the translation of the document must be presented to the notary’s office. However, in order to deliver a copy of a document to a notary, it is important that its compliance with the original is already certified by a notary. It should be noted that translation agencies often cooperate with notary offices, therefore, in most cases the translation agency takes care of the certification of the translation, thus saving the client’s time. Obviously, notarization is an extra charged service. There is usually a charge for verifying the signature of one translator. The cost of verifying a copy of a document depends on the number of pages.

Prices for legalization and certification of documents in our agency

Our agency is proud of maintaining a wide network of reliable partners, built as a result of our long-term work, which can benefit our customers – we will perform legalization and certification procedures faster and at a competitive price. In addition, the certification of the translation agency is always free for our clients. Choose professional translation services, competence, and clear and fair pricing.

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