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Technical Translations Services

Why should you choose our translation agency? Businesses face a huge amount of extremely important technical information. You need the highest quality translations to maintain accuracy and clarity. Our team of professional translators and language specialists are available to perform a wide range of technical translations quickly and with high quality. We offer an extensive selection of languages and dedicate a team of specialists to each project, and we can offer a competitive price by assessing the needs of each project individually. These benefits guarantee a smooth operation or production process, and our agency’s principle of working 24/7 will optimize the operating costs associated with the need for translations.

Most frequent translations

Translation of the instructions for use

When introducing products to a new foreign market, it is essential to include a translation of the instructions for use. The information must remain concise, clear and concise so our translations are made by professional technical information translators who can keep the information accurate and precise.

Translation of technical information

Translating technical information requires not only excellent translator skills but also specific knowledge. We take into account the nature of the technical information, and delegate the translation is to a professional in the relevant field – our translators specialize in such technical areas as IT, electronics, mechanics, etc.

Translation of articles

The translation of articles includes various technical and scientific articles. These are texts that use a wide variety of definitions, concepts and wordings that require precise and clear correspondence in a foreign language. Our translators have extensive experience and knowledge, enabling us to translate articles with great precision and quality.

The language combinations we translate from/into

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Technical translations

Technical translations are undoubtedly some of the most complex translation assignments and require precision, detailed and specific knowledge. Technical translations can only be performed by translators with technical training or specialists in a certain field, as they need to know many aspects of the field, including relevant terminology, etc. Diligence, accuracy and responsibility are the qualities that translators in all fields must have, however, the latter are particularly important for technical translators.

We are proud of our team, which consists entirely of experienced translators of technical texts, who speak the relevant foreign language, have a technical education, and are responsible, thorough and conscientious, performing their work accurately and in precise detail. We know that the translator’s qualifications, knowledge and skills presuppose the quality of the work done, which is very important in the field of technical translations. After all, the work of the translator, i.e., the translated text, determines whether the product will be used as intended, and whether the manufacturer’s requirements will be met, and will determine the mode in which the device will be operated.

CAT tools

ApSIC Xbench
QA Distiller
Transit NXT
Adobe InDesign
Addobe illustrator

What makes technical translations special?

Technical translations are definitely special. First of all – not everyone can translate them. Technical texts are distinguished by the abundance of definitions, their specifics, abbreviations typical of technical texts, designs, drawings, diagrams, etc. Therefore, proficiency in a certain foreign language alone is certainly not enough. Therefore, we suggest entrusting technical translations only to professionals in this field.

Technical translations: what kind of translations do we do?

  • Technical passports
  • Manuals for use of installations and equipment
  • Safety data sheets
  • Technical drawings
  • Vehicle documentation
  • Product catalogues
  • Operating and safety instructions
  • Catalogues
  • Specifications
  • Construction project documentation
  • Certificates
  • ... and other documents.

Technical translations: when are they needed?

Your need for technical translations may arise if you are planning to build a home; if you are student studying a topic where most of the information is provided in a foreign language (such as material relevant to engineering studies); or if the operating instructions for a particular device are provided in a language that is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, in order to operate the device properly, you will need to translate the instructions into your language.

How much do technical translations cost?

Technical translations can vary widely, therefore, we evaluate each project individually to offer a competitive price. We also offer flexible payment options so you can deliver your products to customers as quickly as possible. Would you like to know the price? Please make an inquiry and we will send you a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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