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Most frequent translations

Translation of contracts

Translations of contracts is necessary for smooth cooperation with foreign partners; therefore, their quality is very important. We draft bilingual contracts and our experienced translators take care of all legal definitions and wording. The contract is a document that governs the relationship between the parties; therefore, accuracy and clarity are paramount.

Translations of the articles of association of the companies

The translation of the articles of association of companies is a legally binding document that defines the essential activity areas and limits. Every definition is very important because it can lead to important decisions. Ensuring the clarity and precision of these definitions is the task of the legal translation professionals working in our agency.

Translation of judicial documents

Translation of judicial documents is a specific category that includes various legal actions, decisions, testimonies and other documents that relate both to the legal system and to participation in international judicial proceedings. There are extremely high requirements for the translation of judicial documents; therefore, please entrust the translation to reliable translators – the ones who work in our agency, so that you can get the necessary translation quickly and conveniently.

Other documents

Legal translations are often needed by both individuals and businesses. Please entrust the translation to us and we will do the work quickly and with high quality, and if necessary, we will take care of the layout of the document or the necessary certification.

The language combinations we translate from/into

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Legal translations are a specific type of translation that requires not only excellent language skills but also legal knowledge. There are many legal definitions in various legal documents, such as court decisions, letters, articles of association, or contracts, and every word is important. Legal documents are very important and their translation requires responsibility and diligence. In our translation agency, legal translations are performed by translators with many years of experience who specialize in the field of law.

We maintain the layout of legal documents during the translation, and if necessary, we perform the layout design of the document free of charge, we draft a bilingual contract as well.

Legal translations

Legal translations are translations of texts in the field of law used to exchange legal information between persons who speak different languages. As law is an area related to certain social, political and cultural characteristics of each state, legal translations often become a difficult task. The translated legal text must be clear, precise and reliable. After all, mistakes made in the translation of any text of a contract can lead to material damage and legal action.

Legal translations: variety

Depending on the type of legal documents being translated, legal translations are divided into different types. The most frequently we translate the following ones:

  • translations of statutes, other legislative documents, as well as their drafts;
  • translations of transactions, contracts;
  • translations of memoranda and legal findings;
  • translations of apostles and various certificates;
  • translations of documents of legal entities;
  • translations of powers of attorney, etc.

Legal translations: other particularities

Legal documents and theoretical papers must be translated only by professional translators specializing in legal translations. Such a translator must have a legal background or experience in translating legal texts. Translators are often educated in economics as well.

The difficulty in translating legal texts lies in the fact that each legal text is drafted in accordance with the legal system in force in a given country, which determines certain legal wordings. Translators often face a big problem because of a lack of legal terms, unknown definitions. The translator’s task is to translate the text in such a way that, within the framework of another legal system, it corresponds to the wording used in it, while maintaining the same substance of the text.

Translators often use legal dictionaries, mostly bilingual. However, even such dictionaries need to be used with particular caution by translators, as many bilingual dictionaries provide word expressions without indicating the specific area of law in which they are used, or non-legal word expressions in general are being presented there. Therefore, over-reliance on dictionary information can lead to translation errors. It should be emphasized that simple bilingual dictionaries should not be used by legal translators.

However, translation services for legal texts require not only high-quality translation of the text, but also two other important requirements: deadlines and confidentiality. Legal texts have to be translated within the set deadline, as there are situations where in case the translator is late in submitting the translated text, the translation is simply no longer needed, and the translator is liable for the loss incurred by the person placing the order. In general, legal texts must be translated in the shortest possible time, however, with due diligence. Of course, every translation agency provides special offers to its customers.

As for the obligation of confidentiality, the translator must preserve the confidentiality of all information received. Translators often have to translate company documents that must not be made available to other entities, such as competitors. In general, the translator and the customer must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Prices for legal translations

We strive to offer our customers a fair and competitive price; therefore, we evaluate each order individually. Please make an inquiry and we will send you a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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