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Professional interpretation services

Are you hosting an international conference? Are guests coming from abroad? Looking forward to a remote meeting with foreign partners? If you are concerned about the language barrier while discussing business matters, our interpreters are always ready to help you keep communication clear and precise.

Why should you choose our translation agency? We always guarantee the highest quality interpretation, as our team of professional interpreters have extensive experience at various international events. Not only do we take into account the preferred language or interpretation date, we also select specialist for interpretation based on the intended topic of the interpretation and the needs of the interlocutors or speakers.

The main priorities of our interpreters are:

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complex types of interpretation, and requires special equipment for simultaneous interpretation. The main challenge with this type of interpretation is that the interpreter has to translate the information given by the speaker very quickly – usually the interpretation given by the interpreter follows the speech spoken by the speaker at the intervals of only 2-3 seconds. Simultaneous interpretation is used for important international events such as conferences, presentations, seminars, etc. All such events are strictly regulated. Simultaneous interpretation services save time, which helps prevent listeners from becoming tired. Simultaneous interpretations are often provided in several languages at once, with a large team of interpreters working with the speech of the speaker.

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Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the type of interpretation in which the interpreter begins to translate information after the speaker has stopped speaking, having completed all or part of the speech. The speaker pauses from time to time so the interpreter can translate what has been said. These pauses are usually not very long. In general, the interpreter usually formulates the translation and tells it during the pause. During a consecutive interpretation, the interpreter has to memorize the content of the speech given by the speaker before the start of the interpretation, which is certainly very difficult.

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We offer remote consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. This is a convenient method of ensuring that interpretation services are available regardless of your location in relation to the interlocutor or interpreter.


We offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services, which you can choose depending on the type of conference and the need for the languages of interpretation. Our professional interpreters successfully interpret in international conferences in various fields, as well as in specific topics: medicine, science, law, etc.


The courtroom requires the highest level of precision and clarity provided by our legal interpretation professionals. Depending on the need, we can offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretation in court and other legal proceedings.


Sometimes you could face unpleasant situations and a language barrier makes things even more difficult. Our interpreters will provide extremely accurate and clear interpretation so that you can properly defend your rights in any situation.


We offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services by phone. This is a service that is especially convenient when you need a short interpretation, for example, during a phone call, information transfer, etc.

Do we translate into the language you need?

Please choose the language combination that suits your needs

The main qualities of our interpreters are:

    • the competence of the interpreter;
    • professionalism;
    • experience;
    • careful preparation;
    • responsibility;
    • punctuality.

The task of the interpreter is to help the customer supersede the linguistic barrier and also the cultural barrier. Top-level professional interpretation involves more than a good interpreter, it also requires excellent overall project management. Good interpretation quality is ensured not only by the interpreter’s linguistic skills, professional competence, thorough preparation for the interpretation, but also by the subtle, responsible approach of project managers to each order. We have extensive experience in working with a wide range of interpretation projects, so we can guarantee your successful communication with foreign partners. We provide a variety of interpretation services – consistent, simultaneous and “whispered-to-ear” interpretation. Our interpreters work on a variety of projects, from regular business meetings to major public events (such as international conferences).

What is the difference between simultaneous, “whispered-to-ear” and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter translating the speaker’s words as soon as he or she pronounces them, just after a few seconds. Interpreters need special equipment and an interpretation room for the simultaneous interpretation. Most modern hotels and conference centres have such equipment, or it can be rented (we also provide a rental service for the above-mentioned equipment).

This method of interpretation is used when the speaker does not want to stop talking and wait for the interpreter to interpret. In this case, only those participants who have headphones can hear the interpretation.

 “Whispered-to-ear” interpretation is used in cases where interpretation is needed by a small number of listeners.  In this case, the interpreter sits close to them and immediately whispers to them what the speaker is saying. No equipment or support measures are required for this type of interpretation; one interpreter can translate for a maximum of three listeners.

This method of interpretation is used in cases where there are few (up to three) listeners who need translation and then no additional equipment is needed.

During the consecutive interpretation, the interpreter starts interpreting when the speaker pauses. The interpreter sits or stands next to the speaker, listens to what he/she is talking about, takes notes of certain remarks or essentials, and then translates in separate parts while the speaker is pausing and waiting for the interpreter to interpret the part.

This version of interpretation is suitable when there is enough time. In this case, the audience listens to the consecutive interpreter and the speaker say each part, so this form of translation takes twice as long as the “whispered-to-ear” or simultaneous translation, as the speaker must stop from time to time and allow the interpreter to interpret what was said.

“Vertimų karliai” provides all interpretation services.

The interpreters of “Vertimų karlaiai” can interpret for you not only in any city in Lithuania, but also in any European city (if necessary – and not only). If necessary, our interpreters can accompany you on business trips to provide interpretation services.

How much does the interpretation cost?

The cost of interpretation depends on many factors: the combination of languages required, any potential travel costs, the duration of the interpretation, etc. We always strive to offer the best price; therefore, we evaluate each request individually. Please, make a request and indicate your interpretation needs. Our specialist will evaluate them and submit a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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