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Professionalism and fluency guaranteed by editing services for conten in various fields

New website? Promotional catalogue? Or perhaps a conference speech? Create a strong professional impression from the first word – our editors will make the text smooth, clear, captivating and easy to read. We edit texts in more than 120 languages, and we’re always ready to help.

Why should you choose our translation agency?  The “Vertimų karaliai” team is made of translators and a variety of language professionals who work together to deliver great results for our customers. We offer editing, stylistic and creative editing, translation services – everything you may need to ensure your texts are translated successfully.

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An accurate, clear and articulate text builds trust and helps maintain a strong professional image. When edited by a professional, the text will be stylistically and grammatically neat, cohesive, and will meet all the requirements of language culture. Our language specialists are ready to ensure the highest quality of the text. We edit texts of different types and in different field, and provide editing services in various languages (edited by native speakers).

Stylistic editing

The goal of stylistic editing is to create smooth, compelling, consistent, and clear text. This service is recommended for many texts, and stylistic editing provides authenticity for the translation of advertising, literary and on-line texts. This is a process that ensures both grammatical and stylistic correctness, while checking that the edited version maintains the relevance of the original idea.  Stylistic editing is always completed by both native speakers to ensure the highest quality of the text.

Creative editing - transcreation

Creative editing gives an air of authenticity and originality to the translation. This is a process that involves refining the expression of the text, stylistic and cultural changes. All the details are important in the text, and sometimes the most important message is spoken indirectly and may be blurred or vague in the translation. Creative editing ensures the highest quality text, so the service is recommended to improve the quality of both the original text and the translation.

Editing of the translation

Editing ensures the highest translation quality. The translations are reviewed by several language specialists, who give the translation a fresh original style. Proper language, compelling style, fluency and cultural conformity are the features that really equate a translation to the original. The editing of the translation is an additional service that we recommend for translating various literature, advertising, legal, scientific and other texts. A reader who encounters a professionally edited translation will not even realize that he/she is reading the translation.

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Today we live in an information age, but it is not just the information that matters – presentation is also essential.  The audience needs engaging, compelling and valuable content with a professional finish and a message with a purpose. This type of content creates a professional image and sets goals that can be achieved.

Translated content can retain the same clear and engaging message, with the right editing strategies. In general, editing improves the quality of any text and ensures that the right information is presented to the audience, in a style and language the audience can understand and accept.

We recommend editing services for all texts: both originals and translations. Editing can refine the sentence structure and ensure that word usage is impeccable, so the style reflects the content and the key message, while the presentation is polished and flawless.

Discover the highest quality professional editing services of  “Vertimų karaliai”. We provide these services in more than 120 languages; therefore, we are available to assist with any editing project in any of these languages.

We guarantee high-quality editing provided by our network of language specialists – all our editing services are provided by native speakers, so we can offer the additional guarantee of cultural and stylistic authenticity in the edited texts.

Our extensive range of editing services address grammatical and stylistic elements, as well as the creative aspect of the content. Our specialists edit texts in various fields; so this is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of the original content, while also arranging the highest quality and authenticity of the translation.

Discover the modern up-to-date solutions for the modern market that will help you achieve your goals. Let your information stand out in the crowd, through professional presentation and stylistic impact.

How much do editing services cost?

The cost of editing services depends on the type of editing and the quality of the text. We always strive to offer a fair and competitive price; therefore, we evaluate each project individually. Would you like to know the cost of editing? Please submit a request and our specialist will evaluate the project and will submit a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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