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What determines the quality of translation?

There are many factors that determine the quality of a translation. Firstly, the quality of a translation depends on subjective and objective factors such as the quality of the original written text or the language spoken by the speaker; and the preparation and qualifications of the translator. Secondly, there is a direct link between the quality of the translation and the time allocated for the translator to translate the text. The working conditions of the translator are also important, for example, the translator should have access to special dictionaries/vocabularies, and the translator should have the opportunity to consult the customer on any ambiguities. Thirdly, the quality of the interpretation is determined by the translator’s awareness of related translation topics. Finally, the quality of the interpretation also depends on the interpreter’s mastery of the interpretation technique and his/her physical preparation, as not every simultaneous translator can handle the task assigned to a consecutive translation specialist and vice versa.

“Vertimų karaliai” meets all the above-mentioned criteria – we create comfortable working conditions for our experienced and qualified translators, and we provide the opportunity to interact with clients, which leads to excellent translation results. Each translator works in the field he/she knows best.

Quality is the most important criterion when choosing a translation agency

How long do you think a translation agency with poor quality services can survive in the market? We say – not for long. Our high quality services are the cornerstone of our business. The most important customer requirement is the quality of the translation and we are ready to meet this requirement. Properly translated text reinforces the positive reputation of the customer, improves their image and thus contributes to the success of their business. In contrast, poor-quality translation leads to completely opposite results.

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