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Translation and localization of video games and apps

Why should you choose our translation agency? Translation localisation services help you create a high-quality copy of a video game or app in another language. It’s the best solution that saves the best user experience you’ve worked so hard for. Only by choosing localized translation will you open the way to introduce your creations to the whole world.

Why should you choose localized translation of video games and apps?

Smooth operation and clear and accurate information are essential for consumers and this can only be achieved by localizing the translation of video games and apps in order to preserve the user experience equivalent to the original.

The process of localization goes beyond language translation to incorporate cultural, stylistic and other aspects. Localized translation ensures a user-friendly experience.

CAT tools

ApSIC Xbench
QA Distiller
Transit NXT
Adobe InDesign
Addobe illustrator

How much does translating video games and apps cost?

We strive to offer our customers a fair and competitive price; therefore, we evaluate each order individually. Please make an inquiry and we will send you a quote with a preliminary price shortly.

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