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Localization services – the business path to the modern world

Websites, e-shops, apps and all other online marketing platforms will work much more efficiently if adapted to the linguistic and cultural environment of the target market. Adapt your platform to different markets through our localization services and expand your customer base. Learn more about it!

Why should you choose our localization service? Only impeccable quality can ensure efficient localization. Our language professionals refine your content so it resonates with people in different areas all around the world. We work on a 24/7 basis; so we can offer fast turnaround for each project! Localization is especially important in today’s world, when the Internet gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services in other markets.

What localization services do we provide?

Website localization

We live in a digital world where we are not constrained by time or geographical boundaries. So why should language or cultural differences limit us? We localize various websites, e-shops and other websites. Remember, customers are waiting for you all over the world, so give them a chance to discover you.

A localized website retains its structure, design, and other elements, but at the same time, the content is adapted to a completely different linguistic and cultural environment. Localization is like an extra step from translation to the original – localization gives the user an experience equivalent to visiting the original website. You have already invested in these solutions, so why shouldn’t you adapt them to another market?

Localization of mobile applications

Localization is not just about text; it is about image and sound as well as other elements that allow mobile applications to be adapted to other cultural environments and enhance the experience of speakers of other languages. Small details fit together to create a whole, ensuring the best experience and naturalness for the users of the application – with the best localization results, the user will believe that he/she is experiencing the original content rather than the adapted translation. Localization transforms mobile applications so they adapt to different markets and thus expanding the circle of users all over the world. The future is today – just dare to take an advantage of the opportunities provided by localization!

Localization of video games

Localization opens the way to other markets, adapting video games to the cultural and linguistic environment of each market. This is more than just a translation, as localization involves typical solutions that improve the user’s perception and experience of using software and video games. By creating a game, you have already invested in a variety of solutions that make it smooth, engaging and interesting… Localization will not only save that investment, but will transform the game and adapt it to other language markets as well. Invite players from all over the world to enjoy the best version of their video game!

Localization of video material

Movies, clips, advertisements – we will translate various spoken languages from the video material and provide subtitling or voicing-over. You don’t have to re-film to translate the video, as our specialists will take care of everything. We pay special attention to spoken language and make sure that the language and the image fit together perfectly.

Localization of publications

Let your publications reach an even larger audience and speak in different languages. Books, magazines, catalogues – we will take care of the translation and localization of any publication, so you can deliver it to readers quickly. Translators, layout designers and other professionals work together to create a great result that allows the publication to reach more and more readers.

Localization of audio material

Language in audio is extremely important, and time is always saved here. For this reason, we perform the translation as accurately as possible, maintaining the naturalness of the language and the style of the original, however, the content is presented concisely, clearly and smoothly. A promotional radio clip, conference material or lecture, and perhaps even a song – our team is ready for all the translation and localization challenges.

Localization of the advertisement

Need to translate the text of the advertisement? Don’t worry about the search for the layout designer, the most appropriate word or slogan length, as our specialists will take care of everything. We translate and localize various advertising formats: banners, flyers, posters, leaflets. Our specialists provide the translation along with the layout design, saving your valuable time.

Linguistic testing

This service is for the assessment of the localized version of a programme or an app. Our language specialist performs the testing and fixes the problem areas together with the programmer and corrects them. Linguistic testing includes encoding errors, misrepresentation, style, context and other areas. This is a service that will ensure the best quality of localization, even if you choose an unreliable provider for the service.

SEO localization

SEO ensures that your website performs its function properly, but even after its translation, additional steps are required. SEO localization ensures that the website is optimally adapted to the target language and its culture, making it easier to find and more attractive to Internet users who speak that language. During SEO localization, our professionals update keywords and search phrases, ensuring maximum website reach in organic search.

What language combinations do we work with?

Please check whether we localize to the language you need

Effective localization services

Language is alive, colourful and constantly changing, and localization gives content wings to reach another market – just in another language! It is like a form of art that involves linguistic and cultural transformation to effectively deliver the required message in another language. This is the idea behind our localization service. And we won’t deny it – in this case, the translation can sometimes even surpass the original!

Advertising, literature, software, and many other forms of written content can be very good, but translation alone is not enough to move them to other markets. Localization is what enables a copy to “live” in a foreign society and achieve great results. Even a single word or punctuation can sometimes say so much! Our language specialists not only know how to translate – we also read and write “between the lines”.

A three-step localization process that ensures success

Step I: Preparation.

Needs are identified before localization begins – every detail is important. According to the needs, we dedicate a team of specialists to the implementation of the project, in which each member has a precisely formulated task.

Step II: Process.

We plan the implementation of the project in detail so that we can offer the best quality and the right deadline for the customer, we plan the technologies and tools to be used. If necessary, our team can work without interruption to empower each word, phrase or sign to communicate properly with the recipient.

Step III: Delivery and support.

Upon the completion of the project, we deliver it in a format tailored to the customer. We are ready to perform additional tasks if needed: layout design, programming, etc. When necessary, we can always make corrections and adjustments – we always strive for the best result. Even after the project is completed, we will always be ready to help if there are any issues in transferring localized information to its dedicated environment. We will provide the advice when required and answer all your questions.

What is language localization?

Generally speaking, localization can be defined as the process by which a message is not only translated but also adapted to a specific nation or region. Localization can be applied to a variety of areas, from websites to mobile apps, movies or slogans. The basic translation is simply one task, while cultural transformation is also important in order to communicate effectively and clearly. Language localization is necessary to deliver an authentic message in another language rather than a mere translation. Every detail is important in this process, because the details make up our perception and culture. Localization is a complex multicultural process and our team of experts can deliver the right message.

CAT tools

ApSIC Xbench
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The main advantages of localization

Greater accessibility and a better user experience

You will always make a good impression, regardless of the area. Consumers love great products that meet their needs. They do not want a translation, they want authentic content in their own language.

Lower risk and certainty

High-quality multilingual content that communicates effectively with the reader is more engaging, thus increasing the likelihood of success in foreign markets and strengthening brand confidence.

The road to the global market

Localization provides an incredible return on investment and highly increases the number of potential customers. It is not only a better result and higher revenue, it’s a great way to conquer the global market as well.

International Internet usage trends

Approximately 4 billion people in the world use the Internet every day. About 25 percent of them use English as their first language.

According to research, 85 percent of Internet users will not buy a product unless they have access to information in their native language. As many as 56 percent of Internet users say that providing information in their native language (localization) is more important than a price.

In short, if you localize your business products, services, or content, success awaits you in the international marketplace.

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Translation Projects Management System (TMS)

Depending on the customer’s needs and the specifics of the project, TMS can automate the translation process at various stages. Our TMS tool allows customers to track the translation progress, track, control and engage in the process for the best results.

Our specialists

Our team consists of a constantly expanding network of more than 3000 highly qualified translators and language specialists. As a result, we have the opportunity to dedicate specialists to each project according to the needs and specifics, and we can guarantee competitive prices.


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CAT tools

We use modern systems and tools in our work; therefore, our customers can be sure that we are working with the tool they need. Some examples:  “SDL Trados”, “SDL Passolo”, “Across Online Client”, “MemoQ”, “Felix 5”, “LsTool”, “Poedit” etc.

Pricing of localization services

By offering a localization service, we give our customers the opportunity for business development internationally, not just a translation. We adjust the pricing of the service individually, depending on the customer’s investment opportunities and individual needs. The prices of our services are competitive and the high quality of localization services is a great investment. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your localization project.

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