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A summary is a resume, an abstract, recapitulation or an outline of the essentials. Summaries are provided in books, dissertations, articles, and other publications. One of the most popular services in translation agencies is the translation of thesis recapitulations.

We know that the recapitulation is an important part of the thesis, making a significant contribution to the overall score a student receives after defending their thesis. Therefore, we diligently process the translation of the summaries and appoint specialists in the respective field for this work, i.e., for example, the recapitulation of a thesis in the field of pedagogy would be translated by a specialist in this field, a thesis in physics would be translated by physicist, etc. Why is it important? Because each field has specific terminology, specific phrases, abbreviations, etc., so the context must be understood by the translator.

Recapitulation: what is it?

The recapitulation is the part of the written thesis that is translated into a foreign language (usually English). The recapitulation is presented in two languages – native and foreign. The recapitulation is seen as the “business card” of the thesis: it is a short (usually one A4 page) presentation of the essence of the entire thesis.

What is the purpose of the recapitulation of the thesis? This part of the thesis is intended to enable the author to convey the essence of the thesis very briefly, emphasizing the essential aspects. It is argued that a person who has read the recapitulation, before reading the whole thesis, should be able to understand the most important aspects of the thesis and the most important aspects of its contents.

Recapitulation: what is it?

The instructions for the dissertation recapitulations are based on the requirements of the higher education institution, although they are usually more or less similar. First of all, the recapitulation should identify the following details: name and surname of the author of the thesis, topic of the thesis, name of the higher school and faculty, study program, degree, name and surname of the supervisor, year, place and number of pages (without appendixes). The word “Recapitulation” is written underneath these details. The text of the summary is then presented.  Usually, it is necessary to name the relevance of the topic of the thesis in few sentences, then to indicate the aim of the thesis, tasks and methods used in the thesis. The recapitulation usually does not present the essential aspects of the theoretical part of the thesis. The biggest section of the recapitulation should be devoted to the essential aspects of the practical part of the thesis, insights, discoveries, i.e., the results of the research. The author’s suggestions for solving the problem can be mentioned at the end of the recapitulation.

Summary translations: how much will it cost?

The preliminary cost of translating the summary is 17 EUR. To check the price, please contact us by e-mail or send a request. We usually complete the estimate within 1 business hour.

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