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Audio-visual services that open up opportunities for the modern world

We offer modern translation services in audio and video format, opening up new opportunities for our clients. From transcription to audio editing – our specialists are ready to do any translation.

Why should you choose our translation agency? We have put together a team of true professionals for whom each project is a new adventure. We adapt to the requirements of the modern market and offer our clients not only traditional but also modern translation services, covering not only text, but also audio and video. Discover new opportunities for the modern world with our audio-visual services.

What audio-visual services do we provide?


We transcribe and translate various audio and video files. We maintain the highest quality of transcription through the care and diligence of our specialists as well as modern technologies.

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We provide professional voice-over services for various styles of recordings. We offer a wide selection of voices and pay close attention to linguistic expression, because a paused or emphasized intonation sometimes says more than words!

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We subtitle a variety of videos from short commercial ones to movies. We provide clear accurate subtitles for the convenience of the reader. Entrust this work to our professionals, because the easier it is to understand – the more fun it is to watch!

Mounting an audio track on a video

Subtitling or voice-over is not enough to translate high-quality video, so we offer the option of mounting an audio track on a video service. Our specialists will do this work professionally and prepare a translation soundtrack equivalent to the original.

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Modern audio-visual services for the modern world

Today, content is not just a text but also audio and video. It is a reliable way to convey information, although clarity, fluency and high quality are required for the audience to accept it. The translation agency “Vertimų karaliai” is ready to ensure this, regardless of the area or scope of the audio or video to be translated.

We are not saying that audio-visual tasks are easy – they usually present real challenges with individual requirements that our team is ready to meet. We offer a full range of services from subtitling to mounting an audio track on a video, so we can ensure the highest quality of audio-visual translation.

Successfully transforming an audio or video into another language is a complex task that requires not only translation but also cultural and creative skills. This is a challenge that can only be overcome by the highly qualified and experienced professionals that we do have in our team!


We evaluate each project individually and follow current market standards. We only use high quality equipment so we can guarantee a great final result. We are ready to exceed your expectations, and perhaps even surpass the original quality, if that is your wish.

Contact us to discuss your audio-visual translation project – our team is ready to get involved in big projects and implement them successfully!

Price of audio-visual services

Each audio-visual project has specific requirements that we evaluate individually. This enables us to offer the most competitive price on the market and ensure the highest quality of service. Would you like to know the price? Please send an inquiry and our specialist will make an offer with a preliminary price shortly after assessing your needs.

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