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Document translations

We understand the importance of document translation and how often it is needed for important matters. For this reason, we offer not only translation of documents, but also certification. Save your time and choose all services from one streamlined source. We can provide a translation of the document by e-mail, and the original will be delivered by courier to the specified address. When you need to translate important documents, we are ready to help!

Why should you choose our translation agency? With a worldwide network of translators, we can offer fast and high-quality translation in up to 120 languages. We work 24/7, so we are ready to help whenever translation is needed. You can arrange a translation of documents without leaving your home!

Our document translation services:

Translation of passports

Passport translation may be required for a variety of situations: obtaining a visa, starting a new job in another country or studying abroad, etc.  We understand that the passport is an extremely important document proving identity, therefore, we pay special attention to the translation of this document. Reliable and professional translation of the passport will ensure the successful submission of the document. Don’t worry about the details – you can trust our translations.

Translation of birth certificate

A translation of a birth certificate can be needed in a variety of situations: for employment or study abroad, and sometimes simply for travelling. A birth certificate is a document that is used more rarely than a passport, therefore the need for translation is often forgotten. Don’t worry, we are always ready to help – we will translate the birth certificate quickly and with high quality.

Translation of the marriage certificate

There are many great places in the world to get married, so why should you limit yourself? Make an oath of eternal love in the place of your dreams, and we will provide a translation of the marriage certificate that is valid everywhere. We will do the translation quickly and in accordance with all the requirements so that you can register your marriage in your own country or abroad. Let everyone know about your love!

Translation of diplomas

Translation of diplomas opens the doors for study and working abroad. We know the importance of time in such cases, so we translate diplomas extremely quickly and professionally, ready for you to submit them and embark on your career search. With professional translation, success will come with the very first steps!

Academic certificates

Academic certificates are very important – after all, you worked so hard to achieve them. You have done your job – now entrust the translation to us. We will translate various academic certificates, their appendices and other related documents quickly and professionally so that you can use them for further studies or work. Quality translation opens up opportunities!

Translation of death certificates

Translation of a death certificate may be required in various cases: to bury the deceased in another country, to obtain an inheritance, etc. We understand that the translation of a death certificate is usually required in difficult and painful moments of life, so we are always ready to help – we will translate the death certificate quickly and efficiently.

Translation of other documents

Do you have a document to translate? Don’t worry, our qualified team of translators will take care of the translation of any document. Translating documents requires responsibility and diligence, but if you entrust this work to us, you will have the confidence of an accurate and efficient result. We translate all documents from/into 120 languages of the world.

Wide selection of translation languages.

Please check if we can translate the required language:

Do you need a translation of a document? "Vertimų karaliai" is your best choice!

We evaluate each project individually, carefully and professionally. Just explain your needs and we will meet them! We take the specifics of the translation into account and form a dedicated team of specialists, ensuring the highest translation quality.

Our team is proud of having two decades of experience and excellent achievements in the field of translation. Our competence inspires trust and the highest quality of service for our customers.

We know that there are no universal solutions, so we consistently focus on the individual needs of the customer. With a network of more than 300 language professionals around the world, we can always meet the customer’s requirements.

We work on a 24/7 basis so we can offer our customers the convenience of prompt results. No matter where you are in the world, no matter how many translations you need, please contact us. At “Vertimų karaliai”, we are always ready to help.

Ordering translation services is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1. Request and Confirmation

Please send scanned or photographed documents to our agency and indicate your translation preferences. Our specialist will contact you shortly and will provide an email response to your request with basic translation information and the exact cost of the translation.

2. Translation verification and certification

Once you have confirmed the translation order and agreed on the details, we will dedicate the relevant member of our team, a translator who will complete the project carefully and diligently. After the translation, another specialist will check each word to make sure that the translation is smooth, of the highest quality and meets market standards.

3. Excellent results

You will be highly satisfied with the results! When you are completely satisfied with the translation, we will provide a final digital copy of it, and if the original translation is required, it can be picked up at our agency or the original will be delivered by our courier within a few days. If necessary, we will provide additional translation services!

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is used to translate documents, such as a passport or marriage certificate, from one language to another. Once the document has been translated professionally and according to market standards, it is checked to ensure the smoothness, accuracy and legality of the translation. Only such a translation can be certified. Document translation is a delicate process that requires translators to have professionalism, specific skills and high competence.

Our translations of documents are accepted by:

Certified translation for UK
All foreign government agencies
All Lithuanian state institutions
Dokumentu vertimas
All private institutions
All universities
Vertimai bankui
All banks

Most frequently translated documents

  • Contracts, incorporation documents, accounting reports.
  • Birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates.
  • Workbooks, certificates.
  • Diplomas, certificates.
  • Consent for the child to go abroad, powers of attorney, wills and other notarial deeds.
  • Driving licenses.
  • Passports and other documents.

Translations of documents: other particulars

Certain documents must be notarized – this is one way to legalize an official document before submitting it to Lithuanian or foreign institutions. Notarization is required both for the translation of a document issued abroad, which is to be submitted to a Lithuanian government institution, and for the translation of a document issued in Lithuania, which is intended to be submitted to a foreign state institution.

However, in each case, it is important to establish whether the document being translated requires notarization, as you may need the certification of a translation agency. Notaries usually certify documents such as extracts, diplomas, identity documents, marriage certificates, various contracts, powers of attorney, incorporation documents, etc. It is important to know that in some cases, notaries cannot approve documents issued abroad if they are submitted without an apostille or are not otherwise legalized by the consulate. Translation agencies often work with notaries; therefore, their customers do not have to go to notary separately – the customer is served at a translation agency, which of course saves them time.

Documents requiring notarization

It is also important to emphasize that there are two ways to certify translated documents: with the original document and with a copy of the document. If the original of the document is attached to the translation, the notary only has to certify the translator’s signature, and if a copy of the document is attached to the translation, its authenticity is also notarized.

Before submitting a text for translation, it is important to contact the institution that will be served with the translated document and find out what certification the document requires. Generally, if a translated document is to be used in Lithuania, it is sufficient to have the document certified by a translation agency. Of course, this will be cheaper. However, sometimes even a notarization is not enough and the documents have to be legalized with an apostille.

Documents shall be translated and certified in the following order:

1. Translation

A qualified translator will translate the document.

2. Preparation

The translator will sign the translated document in the presence of a notary, certifying with his/her signature that the translation corresponds to the original document.

3. Certification

The notary will certify the authenticity of the translator’s signature with his or her signature and seal, as well as formalize the translation of the document.

Certification is usually done on the last page of the translated document, which provides information about the translator and the notary.

It is important to note that the notary certifies only documents that meet the specified requirements

The document must state its exact name and the name of the organization which issued it. The document must bear its number, the date, the seal of the issuing organization and the signature of the person empowered to issue it. If the document consists of multiple pages, the pages must be sewn together, otherwise each page shall be considered a separate document. The document must not be written in pencil or by any other easily erasable means. The document must be externally in order and comply with all legal requirements.

Discover the uniqueness of our translation agency

"Vertimų karaliai" is an innovative international translation agency offering all translation services from a single source. Learn more about our methods and added value.

Translation Projects Management System (TMS)

Depending on the customer’s needs and the specifics of the project, TMS can automate the translation process at various stages. Our TMS tool allows customers to track the translation progress, track, control and engage in the process for the best results.

Our specialists

Our team consists of a constantly expanding network of more than 200 highly qualified translators and language specialists. As a result, we have the opportunity to dedicate specialists to each project according to the specific needs and details, and we can also promise competitive prices.

The principle of working 24/7

By working without interruptions, we can offer the most efficient services on the market. We implement many projects within 24 hours while maintaining the highest quality of service. We work quickly and accurately, and we are ready to help whenever our customers need it.

120 languages

We offer translations from/into more than 120 languages; therefore, our translation agency is the right choice if you want to expand your opportunities in the international market. Our network of specialists covers the whole world and we offer our clients a wide range of professional translation services.

How much does it cost to translate documents?

Using innovative technology and modern solutions, we strive to combine translation quality with a fair price. We always provide our customers with excellent price to quality rate, as each request is evaluated individually according to your needs. You can find out the preliminary translation price upon request. We guarantee that you will enjoy both our translation prices and the quality of our services.

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