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Smart Translation Management (TMS) allows you to automate the translation process at various stages. The TMS tool developed by our team gives the client the opportunity to monitor the progress of the translation, control the process and, if necessary, get involved in it. This ensures the best translation quality. TMS automates the process at various stages, taking into account the needs of the client and the specifics of the project.

Are you expanding your business or on the verge of conquering foreign markets? Do you want to streamline your ordering time for translation services? With TMS you can order translation services up to 10 times faster!

Based on many years of experience in managing translation projects

We have developed the KOT CLOUD translation management system based on our extensive experience, successful project management and principles. Ordering translation services has never been easier!

Discover the advantages of the most modern translation management system.

The functions of the TMS system:

  • Extremely simple ordering of translation and localization services.
  • The price quote is submitted in a few seconds.
  • Ability for the customer to stay involved in the translation process and monitor the translation in real time, provide comments and communicate with the project manager, translators or editors.
  • Tracking and monitoring of all ordered services in one place.
  • Opportunity to add responsible employees of the enterprise to involve them in the process.
  • Ability to create and manage multilingual terminology databases and submit them with a translation order.
  • Creating and sharing a dictionary of your enterprise with a single touch of a button with a translator or other specialist.
  • Quick ordering of related services (such as editing, layout design, voice over, transcription, subtitling, etc.).
  • Integration with the platforms and systems used by your client allows you to regularly submit content for translation without downloading it.
  • Tracking of invoices, volume of translations and other important information.
  • Translation memory integration reduces translation costs.
  • Automated project creation and delivery (a customer can create, submit, track, approve, request changes, and archive translations).
  • All project information is presented in one window.

Discover the uniqueness of our translation agency

"Vertimų karaliai" is an innovative international translation agency offering all translation services from a single source. Learn more about our methods and added value.

Translation Projects Management System (TMS)

Depending on the customer’s needs and the specifics of the project, TMS can automate the translation process at various stages. Our TMS tool allows customers to track the translation progress, control and engage in the process for the best results.

Our specialists

Our team consists of a constantly expanding network of more than 3000+ highly qualified translators and language specialists. As a result, we can assign dedicated specialists to each project according to the needs and specifics, and we can guarantee competitive prices.

The principle of working 24/7

By working without interruptions, we can offer the most efficient services on the market. We implement many projects within 24 hours while maintaining the highest quality of service. We work quickly and accurately, and we are available to help whenever our customers need it.

120 languages

We offer translations into more than 120 languages; therefore, our translation agency is the right choice when you want to expand your opportunities in the international market. Our network of specialists covers the whole world; therefore, we offer our customers a wide range of professional translation services.

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