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Our KOTLinK technology enables you to connect the systems and platforms used by your company to our translation management system KoT Cloud. It's quick and easy: just a few clicks.

Get the highest quality translations directly into the platforms and systems you use. Say goodbye to outdated and time-consuming methods of extracting and loading text. KOTLinK technology submits texts for translation directly to the translation management system KoT Cloud, so you receive only the highest quality translations.

Integration is possible with these platforms

For content management For content management

For content management

“WordPress”, “Drupal”, “Adobe”, “Oracle”, “Tridion”, “Canshare”, “Wix” and more…

For E-Commerce For E-Commerce

For E-Commerce

“Shopify”, “Woocomerce”, “Sap Hybris”, “Bigcommerce”, “Magento” and more…

For marketing management For marketing management

For marketing management

“Oracle compendium”, “Oracle Eloqua”, “Oracle responsys”, “Marketo”...

For communication For communication

For communication

“bold360”, “Microsoft”, “Servicenow”, “Salesforce cloud” and more…

For specialized platforms For specialized platforms

For specialized platforms

“InRiver”, “Relativity”, “Authorlt” and more…

For digital content management For digital content management

For digital content management

“iBrams brand managament”, “Stibo Systems”...

API interface API interface

API interface

A platform or system designed for integration with any programming language.

What is KOTLinK?

KOTLinK is a translation innovation that ensures a smooth content sharing process between the content management platform you use and our translation management system KoT Cloud.

KoTLink incorporates translation, editing, text review by a native speaker to assess text tolerance/political correctness and localization orders directly into the systems and platforms in use. It’s a quick and easy way to arrange the highest quality translation services.

Why should you choose the integration with KoT Cloud?

We are translation experts and offer advanced business solutions. We work 24/7 to offer fast, 100% accurate and naturally sounding translations at affordable prices from as many as 120 languages.

Only qualified, experienced and carefully selected native speakers from around the world work on the KoT Cloud platform.

Our specialists working on the KoT Cloud platform have access to translation tools such as translation memory, termbase, elimination of duplicate text, advice from other native speakers and the world’s best dictionaries. You can be sure that the quality of the translation you require will be impeccable.

Customers have the ability to create or import an existing termbase, manage translation projects, add team members, track order status and directly participate in the translation process.

Benefits of connecting your platforms to KoT Cloud

  • Automate everything from project creation to service acquisition – create, submit, track, approve, review, download and archive completed translations.
  • Track project progress in one window – no more tracking and searching for projects by email.
  • Submit all text in your content management system for translation into 120 languages with just a few clicks.
  • Add the right persons to the review process with just a few clicks.
  • Check the history of changes and corrections made.
  • Participate in every stage of the work: comment, ask, discuss.
  • Simplify termbase creation, term approval and sharing.
  • Import approved terminology into a termbase that can be accessed by all project team members in real-time
  • Maintain your brand style across the translations from/into all languages.
  • Receive the most accurate translations as KoTLink technology exports not only the text but also the context.
  • Don’t pay for duplicate text – the KoT Cloud platform has a built-in translation memory.
  • Optimize translations: the more text we translate, the larger the translation memory will be, and the translation costs will be lower and deadlines will be shorter.

What languages do we translate?

Here you can find out if we’re able to offer the translations you need

Are you ready to start a new phase of business by providing information to your clients in their language?

Great! It's time to take advantage of KoTLinK 's amazing capabilities.
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