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Vertimo atmintis (TM)

Take advantage of Translation Memory (TM). This is a useful tool that automatically searches for already translated words, sentences or parts of text and reuses them. Working with TM saves time and reduces translation costs, ensures consistency and higher quality of translations.


Powerful tool

Our team has developed this solution based on more than a decade of experience. Translation Memory (TM) is one of the key features of the KOT CLOUD platform. When working with the KOT EDITOR text editing tool, translators receive notifications if there are matches from previous projects. For an initiated search, a partial match is enough for the translator to see the search results, which further enhances the benefit to the customer from this tool.


+ Shorter translation deadlines and lower costs

Using Translation Memory, previously translated words, sentences or parts of a text can be inserted instantly.

+ More consistent translation

The use of terms and sentences is ensured even if one text is translated by several translators.

+ Persistent value

The translation memory belongs to you: you can download and use it as needed.

More orders – lower costs

With Translation Memory (TM), you no longer have to search the archives for examples of old translations to help reduce mistakes in new translations. All orders placed by the customer are included in the translation memory, and the use of terms, sentences or parts of text reduces the cost of a new translation. The more orders, the larger the translation memory, which means lower translation costs. Save time and reduce translation costs by ensuring translation consistency and accuracy by using translation memory (TM).

Different translation memories

Our platform has the ability to have many different translation memories. They can be categorized by projects, brand, companies or even your clients. In addition, previous translations can usually be stored in the translation memory.

Do you already have your translation memory? It can be integrated into our platform with just a few clicks.

Discover the uniqueness of our translation agency

"Vertimų karaliai" is an innovative international translation agency offering all translation services from a single source. Learn more about our methods and added value.

Translation Projects Management System (TMS)

Depending on the client’s needs and the specifics of the project, TMS can automate the translation process at various stages. Our TMS tool allows clients to track the translation progress, track, control and engage in the process for the best results.

Our specialists

Our team consists of a constantly expanding network of more than 300 highly qualified translators and language specialists. As a result, we have the opportunity to dedicate specialists to each project according to the needs and specifics. It also enables us to ensure competitive prices.

The principle of working 24/7

By working without interruptions, we can offer the most efficient services on the market. We implement many projects within 24 hours while maintaining the highest quality of service. We work quickly, accurately and are available to help whenever our customers need it.

120 languages

With translations offered into more than 120 languages, our translation agency is the right choice when you want to expand your opportunities in the international market. We offer our clients a wide range of professional translation services, and our network of specialists cover the whole world.

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